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          Rainbow Bridge Project
          They are a special group of children,
          Parents work for a living.
          They left behind in poor home,
          Others described them as "the same as the growth of weeds".
          August 24, 2014,
          Our charity ambassador on behalf of JR exhibition to Sichuan Province Chengdu City Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture gers village gers village primary school.
          To find their form, to listen to their shadows......
          They are the students of the next hot village school.
          They live in the cold plateau mountains,
          Here every year for as long as seven months of winter.
          They have no company with their parents,
          One year may not see the parents side.
          They, no rich source of economy,
          Eat not to eat, wear not warm every day.
          Even so,
          They are still eager to read;
          They still love life.
          Hangzhou electronic lighting to reid,
          Actively participate in the rainbow bridge charity project.
          Donated school uniforms for the mountain children,
          Only to warm their winter.